Architects and builders sometimes want a lighting object with which they can create interiors according to all the rules of art. White Moons is ideal for this purpose, because the luminaire manages to create a highly poetic image as a wall luminaire - unique in its radiance and versatile in its configuration. As a pendant luminaire, it can elevate a table to a dining table and fascinate with its warm light.
Its basic shape is always a porcelain sphere with two openings, which allows glare-free direct and indirect light. The highlight: the fact that the elements can be adjusted creates an unusually lively light pattern. This combination of a system concept with high-quality porcelain is completely new and was developed in cooperation with the Fürstenberg porcelain manufactory.
White Moons is used in both residential and nonresidential environments. The smaller luminaires in the collection are particularly suitable for private users: the pendant luminaires, for example, are ideal above the dining table because their porcelain harmonises so well with tableware. As the porcelain spheres can be individually aligned, a high-quality light with a warm radiance is always created - even on the wall.

Available as pendant lamp, chandelier, wall lamp