The particular challenge in the lighting planning of the GHH partner company was that in addition to representative entrance and conference areas, variable image lighting was also planned. Changing art exhibitions take place here at regular intervals, so that in addition to the specific office lighting, flexible lighting of a wide variety of works had to be realized. LED systems from the Ocular Spot family were used in the semi-recessed version and on two floors a lighting system based on the clip system, which is particularly predestined with 360 degree movable LED spotlights.

New administration building GHH, Solingen


Client: GHH Partnergesellschaft
Rechtsanwalt-Steuerberater-Wirtschaftsprüfer, Solingen


Executed by:
Dinnebier Licht GmbH


Manufactory lights used by us:
Ocular 6, Clip, Solo Super LED, Ocular Spot 2 Professional