Clearly a classic. Clip was developed by the Dinnebier team in the early 1980s. It was the first luminaire series to deliver maximum flexibility to lighting designers. The design concept for this flexible track system made it possible to position the light exactly where it was needed – irrespective of the power supply location. The Clip system is as technically up to date as it was three decades ago: originally equipped with low voltage technology, we have developed it over the years into a perfect LED system.

Dinnebier Licht Manufaktur

It isn’t evident at first glance that Clip is made of solid brass. This high-quality base material is then electroplated with chromium, nickel or gold – depending on the application – to create a special surface finish.


Clip convinced one of the most stringent juries of all: the German Patent and Trademark Office. The level of innovation was so high that it has been registered as a "patented system", which is a very rare technical achievement for a luminaire.

Clip is the perfect choice for the brilliant illumination of paintings and objects. The slender track system is unobtrusive in appearance and its surface finish (chromium, nickel or gold) coordinates with any interior design concept. Ideal for galleries, exhibitions and private collections.

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