The lighting of churches is a main focus of the planners of Dinnebier Licht GmbH. In this particular case, St. Joseph's Church was converted into a Church of the Holy Sepulcher by Dr. Schrammen Architects. The unusual color concept of the glass covers makes this place unique. Restrained pendant lights were sought, which put the room in an atmospheric light. The planners developed glass cylinder luminaires with direct-indirect light characteristics. In a choir area reserved for members of Borussia Moenchengladbach, a large diamond-shaped light structure made of white aluminum was made, which quotes the coat of arms of the club. With a length of over 6m and integrated LED light lens technology a very special challenge.

Vereinslogo als Lichtskulptur für die Nordkapelle der neuen Grabeskirche in Moenchengladbach


Dr. Schrammen Architekten, Moenchengladbach


Executed by:
Dinnebier Licht GmbH


Carlos Albuquerque, Moenchengladbach